Tactical Foodpack Expedition Estonia is an adventurous endurance race through wild mid-summer Estonian nature
June 30 – July 2, 2023

Expedition Estonia

Race course runs in the area of the ancient counties of Sakala and Nurmekunna, i.e. in central Estonia and is about 230 km long. Route will traverse beautiful untouched forests and bogs as well as exciting cultural landscape and special natural objects. The course must be completed on participants’ own power, without assistance or any motorized aids. The course is divided into stages of trekking, mountain biking and watercraft. Teams have to visit race checkpoints shown on the map, between which the specific route is free to choose. Locations of checkpoints and detailed course instructions will be revealed to participants directly before the expedition. The journey takes racers from established trails to untouched, more difficult terrain (also vast areas without trails), which makes it a real wilderness expedition. Predicted fastest time for non-stop racing is about 20 hours, but the course will be open for 40 hours, so it is possible to complete it more calmly and with rest breaks. Expedition Estonia is a tough challenge. Completing the course itself is one of the most difficult physical and mental challenges that you can set yourself in Estonia. To win, you need to be extra tough, smart and resilient…

Spectators can cheer racers in start and finish areas and also in transition areas between stages. There will also be real-time GPS tracking of all participants.

Competition classes

Open class

  • Distance of race course ca 230 km
  • Teams of 1-3 members
  • In addition to the map, it is allowed to use GPS devices for navigation
  • Limited number of starting places - 100 competitors
  • The participation fee is 100 eur / person and t-shirt option (€20), plus boat rental fee (€45 for single and €60 per two or three members team per canoe) and equipment transport fee (€30 per person), if the team does not have its own assistant
  • You can order a t-shirt for an additional fee

Open class is open to adventurers of at least 18 years of age of any gender. The team can be formed by a single person or with a companions with whom you have to stay together from start to finish. In addition to map and compass, it is allowed to use all modern electronic aids to navigate the race course, which will help to avoid mistakes and make it easier to find checkpoints. Teams may have their own assistant who transports team equipment to the transition areas and may support competitors with food and equipment in transition areas.


  • Distance of race course ca 230 km
  • Teams of 4 members, at least 1 member of the opposite sex
  • navigation only with map and compass, no GPS devices allowed
  • limited number of teams - a total of 25 4-member teams
  • The participation fee is 640 eur per team and it includes boat rental and equipment transport between transition areas
  • You can order a t-shirt for an additional fee

Expedition class is a race by Adventure Racing World Series rules and team standard. You can participate with a four-member adult team, of which at least one team member must be of the opposite sex. The race is part of the Adventure Racing World Series European regional series. The overall winner of the series final - the European Championship - will receive a free starting spot for the Adventure Racing World Championships in South Africa (value approx. 5000USD). Other races of the series will take place in 2023 in Denmark, Netherlands, France, Italy, Scotland, Finland, Spain and ends with European Championships in France.
Expedition class course is somewhat more difficult than the Open class - only maps provided by organizer can be used for navigation, and checkpoints are located in more difficult places. Any electronic aids to help with navigation are prohibited (GPS watches, handheld devices, etc.). In Expedition class, any assistance to the competitors by third parties is not allowed - the transport of the team's equipment between transition areas is done by race organization.

“World Series” stages https://arworldseries.com/europe/

Racers will traverse beautiful untouched forests and bogs as well as rural and urban landscapes with rich cultural heritage.

All equipment required for participation (except the watercraft) must be provided by the participant. Mandatory equipment list will be set by organisation and it will include clothing, technical aids and safety equipment required for safe traverse in various disciplines. Exact list of mandatory equipment will be published at least 1 month before the competition. Watercraft can be rented from the organizer. Participants must carry the mandatory equipment established by the organizer on course. Participants have the opportunity to send equipment to the transition areas between stages, which will be transported during the competition by the team’s own assistant (in the “open” class) or by organizer if such service is ordered. In the Expedition class assistants are not allowed and team’s equipment will be transported by organizer.
Most transition areas will offer food, water and there will also be possibility to rest. Main sponsor of the expedition is Estonian freeze-dried food producer Tactical Foodpack. Participants can choose their preferred food from Tactical Foodpack selection or eat other food from the grill or soup pot in the transition areas and grab the Tactical Foodpack package to the course.

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